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wv-studio: Apartment building Delft

Apartment building Delft

Residential building with retail on ground floor

Status: Design 
Year: 2009
Program: Residential and retail
Gross floor area: 4200 m2
Location: Delft, the Netherlands
wv-studio: Apartment building Delft

The building is located close to the city centre of Delft, the Netherlands. To improve day lighting the south corner of the building block is lowered.  This allows for views from all flats to the skyline of Rotterdam and the “Nieuwe kerk” church tower of Delft.  We are proposing a combination of living and first-class office environment. A home office support centre on the first floor includes meeting rooms, print room, post room, reception and the possibility to rent a small office unit. The building block includes a fitness studio and a kindergarten as well as a restaurant and a café/bar. Spacious flats provide enough space for families with a big terrace and double height living area.

Modifying the building block: The south corner of the block is lower, the north corner is higher. 

Views of interest: Most interesting landmarks are to the south-east (skyline Rotterdam),  south (east gate) and south-west (tower of the new church) of the building. The lower south corner allows for a better view towards these landmarks.

Maximising the sun in the courtyard: The lower south corner allows sunlight to enter the courtyard more hours during the day, more days in a year.

Accent on the corners: The tip of every corner of the building is raised slightly to  emphasise the corners.

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