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Apartment in Oud-West

Refurbishment of a three storey apartment
Status: Design to construction
Year: 2015
Program: Residential
Gross floor area: 93 m2
Location: Amsterdam
wv-studio: Apartment in Oud-West

This is a refurbishment of an apartment in a building that was built around 1910. The building lies in the "Oud-West" quarter of the city of Amsterdam, just west of the canal belt. The apartment is on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of the building.

The refurbishment involved removing all internal partition walls, bathroom and kitchen - basically bringing the apartment back to the shell. The new interior of the apartment features a guestroom with a separate entrance and bathroom that can be rented out as a B&B on the 2nd floor. This floor also includes a small office space. The 3rd floor is made into one big open space that will include a kitchen, dining area and lounge.

The big master bedroom on the top floor has a second bathroom. This room can be split into two smaller rooms when needed, the  guest room on the bottom floor can then be used as the master bedroom.  The 2 front doors and a smart organisation of the different rooms make this into a very flexible apartment that can change over time to fit the needs of the people living in it. 

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