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wv-studio: Design of a Camper store in London

CAMPER store in London

Shop fit-out proposal
Status: Design 
Year: 2012
Program: Retail
Gross floor area: 230 m2
Location: London, UK
wv-studio: Design of a Camper store in London

The CAMPER Logo was the starting point for the design of this shoe shop in London. The bottom arch of the logo is extended to form a circle. This circle sets out the diameter of a tunnel. The tunnel forms the interior of the shop. Display shelves are repeated along the tunnel: the interior of the shop becomes one big display where customers are surrounded by shoes. Towards the street, the gap between the round tunnel and the square surroundings is filled with a red surface showing the CAMPER letters. In front of this red surface a glass facade separates the interior from the street. The glass facade is transparent in the middle with two glass doors that form the main access to the shop. To both sides of the glass doors semi- transparent glass frames the CAMPER lettering. What remains clearly visible in the centre is the familiar CAMPER logo.

Display furniture in the middle of the shop provides seating for customers and works as an access platform for staff to reach the top displays.

To the back of the shop a counter and tills are positioned in front of a white back-illuminated wall. The wall separates the shop interior from the storage room to the back. The back-illuminated wall (the light at the end of the tunnel) draws views from passers by deep into the interior of the shop. In this way the whole interior is designed to invite passers by to come in and have a look inside.

wv-studio: Design of a Camper store in London
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