Climbing tree

Climbing tower with a viewing platform
Status: Design 
Year: 2012
Program: Leisure
Gross floor area: 32 m2
Location: N.a.

Rock climbing or free style climbing is becoming an increasingly popular sport. The reason for its popularity is that it combines intensive exercise with the idea of going on a journey and reaching a goal. Training towers for this sport usually forget about the latter and focus on exercise only.


This design for a training tower enhances the idea of reaching a goal by planting a tree on top of the tower.


The unusual place for a tree will make first time climbers curious enough to make the journey to the top. When reaching the top the climber is rewarded by more unexpected vegetation. A small lawn surrounding the tree offers the climbers a place to catch their breaths. When reaching the top one can stretch out in the grass and enjoy the serenity of a place that only few know how to reach.



Wenslauerstraat 40

1053 BA Amsterdam