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wv-studio: Design for a folly


Open air art gallery

Status: Design 
Year: 2013
Program: Open air exhibition space
Gross floor area: 400 m2
Location: N.a.
wv-studio: Design for a folly

This object is both marking the landscape and providing space to show a single or a limited number of artworks. The building is a solid concrete structure with an opening to one side where a staircase is leading towards the upper open air gallery.


The upper level is entered at the centre of a symmetrical space that opens up to the sky above like an inverted pyramid.

wv-studio: Design for a folly


Turning around the visitor becomes aware of the art work displayed in this space. The symmetry of the space focusses the attention on the art on display. When climbing further up the steps towards the perimeter of the exhibition space the visitor is treated to a view over the surrounding landscape.

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