Glass pavilion 

Bus shelter

Status: Design 
Year: 2013
Program: Bus shelter
Gross floor area: 15 m2
Location: N.a.

Glass is one of the few very hard and strong materials that are transparent. The disbelief that something that looks the opposite of solid can carry heavy loads gives the material something mysterious which makes it very appealing to us. It seems to dematerialise in front of our eyes but touching the hard cold surface makes us aware that it is very much there. To show the transparent properties of glass, the design of this bus shelter uses different layers of glass with different levels of transparency, creating a surreal composition of transparent and seemingly floating elements.

Fluted glass makes edges disappear
The fluted glass in front makes the edges of the clear glass behind disappear
Glass cylinder carries an object
The edges of the cylinder are very visible and show how the object is supported.
Cylinder behind the fluted glass
Cylinder behind the fluted glass: The edges disappear and the object appears to float.
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Two elliptical cylinders
Openings in the two cylinders are positioned in a way that deflects the wind from all directions.
Build-up of the roof
The glass roof is made from multiple layers: Glass, photo voltaic cells, glass, LED lighting, glass.
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Wenslauerstraat 40

1053 BA Amsterdam