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Oud Zuid Amsterdam

Refurbishment of a 19th century apartment
Status: completion
Year: 2017
Program: Refurbishment
Gross floor area: 210 m2 apartment
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
wv-studio: Bischoff building Hengelo

The apartment is located on the lower three floors of an 19th century apartment building in Amsterdam Oud Zuid, close to the Vondelpark. Original features of the apartment were left in tact during this refurbishment. The front facade of the building is typical for this period, made in brick with minimal ornaments that highlight the horizontal bands and structural features.

The apartment has a beautiful bay window in wooden paneling on the first floor and a plinth on natural stone.


The classic lay-out of the apartment with a separated kitchen did not fit to the wishes of our clients, who wanted a generous kitchen that could be used for breakfast and informal family dinners. An extension of the apartment into the garden made this possible. The extension was designed with large sliding glass windows and a rooflight providing a view to the garden, while at the same time guaranteeing enough daylight in the room behind the extension. Using the full height on the ground floor the window is  4m high giving the feeling you are sitting in the garden.

keuken en tuin

The layout of the first floor drastically changed. The old bathroom was moved to the centre of the floor, away from the facade creating space for an additional room. The new bathroom and separate toilet were increased in size. The floors are finished in marble with marble and rendered walls. The free standing bathtub and double sink are made from a composite. The double sink is fitted with oak drawers.


The original living and dining rooms were left in tact. In these rooms walls, monumental ceiling and original oak flooring were restored. lighting was improved and the origional fireplaces were restored to their former glory. Although the new extension will provide space for informal family dinners, the dining room will still be used for more formal dining parties.

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