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Extension and refurbishment
Status: completed
Year: 2020
Gross floor area: 167 m2
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Woonkamer 2.jpg

This project is centrally located, very close to the Amstel River and with many shops and restaurants closeby.

The property has previously been used as a restaurant and was in need of a full makeover when bought by the client.


Due to its proximity to a busy street the living area was set back from the front facade to create some more privacy.

The steel staircase alongside the front facade gives access to the lower ground floor which can be used as a separate guest room or working space. An internal glass screen provides visual connections and light as well as privacy when needed. The timber clad wall functions as a connecting element and provides a warm and playful atmosphere to the living space, entrance area and separate guest room below. 

Entree 3.jpg
Trap 2.jpg

An internal glass facade provides light to the separate guest room on the lower floor. 

Verborgen deur 1.jpg
Verborgen deur 2.jpg
Verborgen deur 3.jpg

Timber cladded wall with hidden doors to bathroom and technical room

Keuken 5.jpg

A second steel staircase is built in between the living area and kitchen/dining area. Separated only by glass balustrades and a glass screen to the lower area it keeps the openness and connection between the different spaces.

Keuken 4.jpg

The area on the lower floor adjacent to the central staircase is used as a fitness gym and temporary guest room.

Gym 3.jpg
Trap 1.jpg

The kitchen and dining area has been provided with new sliding doors towards a spacious terras overlooking the garden. The boundaries between interiour and exteriour space are minimal due to the slim profiles of the glass panels. The terrace which enlarges the upper living area has been made possible on top of a newly built extension housing two separate bedrooms on the lower floor. 

Slaapkamer 2.jpg
Badkamer 4.jpg

A luxury bathroom has been designed for the private areas. Careful placing of the doors allows a connection towards the garden even from this otherwise introvert space. 

Badkamer 2.jpg
Badkamer 1.jpg
Badkamer 6.jpg

The rather long narrow bathroom has been designed using very light colours for all finishes. The continuous lighting to either long wall enhances the space further and gives it a luxurious and calm feel.

Badkamer 3.jpg
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