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wv-studio: Villa in Culemborg

Villa Culemborg

Villa design
Status: Design
Year: 2010
Program: Private residential
Gross floor area: 240 m2
Location: Culemborg, the Netherlands
wv-studio: Villa in Culemborg

The project is located in Culemborg, the Netherlands, at the shore of the river Lek. The private house is designed to provide a flexible, open living environment while, at the same time, providing the possibility of enclosing private spaces by sliding walls.

The villa is built up from 6 cubes each 6m x 6m. Each of the cubes has its own function on the ground floor: entrance area, lounge, kitchen, dining area, library and guest room. On the first floor the cubes are used for sleeping rooms and bath rooms. 

Parts of the cubes are cut away on the ground floor to create a connecting space for living.

Big sliding doors can close each of the cubes giving the choice between one big open space or the individual rooms.


On the top floor the cubes remain clearly defined and are connected by bridges. The space between the cubes therefore becomes a double height space allowing light to fall through the roof lights and creating interesting shadows on the ground floor. 

The orientation of the individual cubes is rotated slightly to make them apear more like a collection of individual elements instead of one big block with slots.

wv-studio: Villa in Culemborg
wv-studio: Villa in Culemborg
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