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1st prize “Top van Bischoff” competition

The “Top van Bischoff” Hengelo

“Architecture and redevelopment” was the annual theme of the Bond Nederlandse Architecten (BNA) in 2010. During this year a design competition on this topic was organised by the BNA.

The competition brief involved the redevelopment and extension of the former department store “Bischoff” on the Market Square in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

On the 15th of April 2011 wv-studio won the first prize out of 105 entries.

The jury:

Frits van Dongen, “Rijksbouwmeester” and partner Architekten Cie, Amsterdam. Uda Visser, director SeARCH bv, Amsterdam. Dirk Baalman, director “Het Oversticht”, Hengelo. Peter Pinkhaar, director housing corporation “Welbions”, Hengelo. Wim Oosterhuis, Urban planner with the Municipality of Hengelo.

Jury report:

The Theme “small scale vs. compatibility” was developed to the full extent in this design. The cornice of the building is stretched upwards until it is big enough to live in. This ensures a strong connection with the original design. The residential part of the competition brief is worked out as a series of courtyard apartments of a very sophisticated design.

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