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Bio based and circulair building - research

Research project
Status: on going
Year: 2022-

We are doing research in the application of bio based building and circular building materials. We know there is a need to implement these materials on a large scale, however lack of knowledge makes clients hesitate about the durability of biobased solutions. The building industry relies on materials that have been used for decades. Many of these materials are increasingly scrutinized for their large carbon footprint. Construction companies, clients and architects all agree that the way we have built must change, however the established industry is slow in adapting to this new reality. This is why we took it upon ourselves to invest time in getting to know more about these materials so we can advise our Clients better.  

We are currently working on projects where we (together with housing corporations and contractors) are actively harvesting building materials from parts of a housing project that will be demolished in order to refurbish another part. 

Although we are taking an active lead in driving bio-based and circular design we understand we cannot do this alone. This can only be done in collaboration with clients and contractors. It is a team effort where established parties in the building process are finding new roles and tools to provide solutions.

Keizersgracht dakconstructie in plaats

Circular design does not start with harvesting building materials from buildings that will be demolished. It starts with the question: "Do we actually need a new building". If Reuse, repair and / or refurbishment ​are sufficient it should always be preferred to new build. The difference in carbon footprint between refurbished and a new build building can almost never be compensated with the use of harvesting materials for new build.    

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